Internal Audit

What is Internal Audit
Internal audits assess and evaluates effectiveness of a company’s internal controls, corporate governance, and accounting processes. Strategists Consultant conducts audits that ensure compliance with laws and regulations which helps to maintain exact and timely financial reporting and data collection. We also offer internal audit management with the tools deemed important to accomplish operational efficiency by identifying problems and correcting lapses before they are discovered in an external audit. In addition to ensuring a company is complying with laws and regulations, internal audits also provide a degree of risk management and safeguard against potential fraud, waste, or abuse.
Assessment Techniques
Internal auditors use assessment techniques to determine whether employees comply with internal control directives and find out how internal control procedures are implemented. In order to minimize disruptions to the daily workflow, auditors begin by reviewing flowcharts, manuals, departmental control policies and other existing documentation. A direct discussion with department staff may be necessary if documented procedures are not being followed.
Internal Audit Process by one of the leading Internal Audit Firms in Dubai
Since the start, Strategists Consultant - Internal audits firm in Dubai provides management with suggestions for improving processes that may not be functioning as intended, such as information technology systems and supply chain management.

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